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About myself

My name is Michèle Bowley. I am a health psychologist, trainer and “pearl diver”.

As a health psychologist, I have been committed to health promotion and disease prevention for almost thirty years (about 10 years in the field of mental health and 20 years promoting a healthy lifestyle). I have developed and implemented various programs and projects, and I am still pleased about the benefits they have achieved.

As trainer and coach, I have been offering health-promotion courses in the workplace for over twenty years about nutrition, exercise, how to relax, stop smoking, prevent burnout and optimize mental health.

I offer:
– Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and preventative healthcare
– Tried and tested impulses for optimizing mental health
– Goal-driven and resource-oriented support
– Time and space to define your unique nature and how to express it independent of norms and expectations, both internal and external.

Mein This is not a substitute for a medical or psychotherapeutic diagnosis for psychosomatic symptoms, mental illness or addictive behaviour.

I am not really a pearl diver, either. What I do is help you find your own “pearls”. In my programs I provide the time and space to look inward, to discover your own unique strengths, abilities and possibilities slumbering inside you. This allows you to master stress and crises with ease whenever they appear, enabling you to restore your potential and enjoy life to the full.
You are the expert of your life. I only give the impulses to find your very own pearl to make your life completely happy and fulfilled. I want to see the radiance in your eyes when you discover it.


My skills – Kurzprofil

Health promotion

Master of Psychology (lic. phil. I)
Further education in workplace health promotion, public relations and media work

Schooling and training

More than 20 years of experience in adult education such as health-promotion courses in the workplace about nutrition, exercise, how to relax, stop smoking, prevent burnout and optimize mental health.
Further education: Teacher and trainer in adult education, Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB1)

Coaching / counselling

More than 20 years of leadership experience in government and non-profit organizations in the social and healthcare sectors
Further education: Management and leadership, systemic solution-orientated consulting and coaching


More than 25 years of experience in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and preventative healthcare and around two years of experience in work integration
Further education: Project management

Examples of empowering people / References


Migrant populations

Health Department of Canton Zug
Integration Office of the Social Welfare Department of Canton Zug
Migration Office of Canton Zug



Health Department of Canton Basel-Landschaft
Health Department of Canton Obwalden
Health Promotion of Migros-Kulturprozent


Social counselling

Tel. 143 – Die Dargebotene Hand Basel
Migration Office of Canton Zug
Mentors for Tandem 50plus of Canton Basel-Landschaft



Public Health Conference

Why I want to empower people

One successful project followed the other. Again and again I came close to burning out.I want to counteract the rising frequency of work absences due to emotional, stress-related disorders. 

I have always identified myself very strongly with my work in the government and non-profit sectors. Its impact thrills me beyond measure. One successful project followed the other. Again and again I came close to burning out.

It was only a few years ago, when I discovered the steps to boosting wellbeing that I realized this is the solution. I must find a work-life-balance. Otherwise I would continue to overdo things.

My knowledge and experience from my basic studies, further education, work and private life flows into this training program for the healthy mind.

On the background of positive psychology I impart impulses to reinforce personal resilience.

I have been able to apply this knowledge repeatedly myself, for example when moving house, when diagnosed with cancer, in the terminal care of a close relative, when experiencing divorce, mobbing and unemployment. These simple steps to boost wellbeing have helped in every situation.

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