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“Psyche stärken” - for more wellbeing and less absences.

For businesses, government and non-profit organizations

Personality and team development to strengthen mental health in organizations


The “Psyche stärken” seminars, whether presentations, workshops or training sessions, enable executives, teams and other employees to deal constructively with the current (work) burden and to offset stress and crises.

In this way, they will find more wellbeing, zest for life and potential.

This clarification is particularly valuable through the dialogue with others.

My Seminars

  • are based on scientific findings of positive psychology
  • are adapted individually to your operational needs
  • are adapted to your target group (teams, executives, other employees, apprentices, expats, retirees, etc.)
  • can be held in English if needed (other languages on request)
  • can be held on site, in the seminar hotel or online depending on your operational needs

Individual counselling / coaching

Individual counselling for executives and other employees involves systemic solution-orientated coaching. This takes the specific situation into account, and strengthens individual resources and skills. It concentrates less on the problems and more on opening participants’ eyes to new solutions. This corresponds to the maxim of health promotion.

My individual counselling / coaching

  • is goal-driven and resource-oriented
  • is appreciative, respectful and confident
  • builds self-confidence and self-efficacy
  • provides self-help support

Project support

Target group customization

«Psyche stärken» delivers professional advice and expertise to reinforce wellbeing in your company.

Support can involve individual steps or the overall management of health promotion projects; from research and conception to implementation and Evaluation.

My aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle focused on optimizing mental health.

The fascinatingly simple eleven steps to boost wellbeing can be adapted to any environment and any type of crisis. This includes people with chronic illnesses, those caring for relatives (with pulmonary diseases, cancer, dementia etc.), job seekers, young people, retirees and migrants. 

Participants learn what they can do to stay emotionally healthy and are advised how to implement the knowledge acquired as beneficially as possible in their individual situation.

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